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Is Everybody In?

You've heard the music, now experience it!

This is the way the music of The Doors was meant to be heard...

Without a script, without a bass guitar, and without a safety net!

Celebrate 50+ Years of the Lizard King with the authentic Doors Tribute experience of Mr Mojo Risin'!


The Ceremony is About To Continue...



--John B,  February 2020

"MMR is TIGHT. Each guy is excellent at what he does, but they don't compete. No one outshines the others, and they play off each other. They put on a show. I don't know how far a tribute band can go but these guys should go All The Way!"

--Eric M, January 2019


"Thank you for putting on such a great show last night. You have really re-created the music and the vibe of The Doors. Good luck! I hope you come back to St. Charles!"
--Jeff C, January 2018

"You guys rocked.The DOORS would be so proud. You need to have many more shows. Looking forward to hearing from you. Rock on. When are you coming back?"
--Kenneth O, January 2018

"I'm a doors fan and want to commend you on channeling their music performance was spot on. I was having wonderful flashbacks to the years I experienced the doors incredible music.  thank you for bringing it back to life."
--Gary E, January 2018

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